Cookie time

Today Mommy and I decorated our cookies, which we baked yesterday.


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Dark Side

Today Papa took a picture of me while playing the piano, or in fact, my hands as they played the piano. A while ago he had taken a very dark picture of Mommy, which we called “The dark side of Mitchie”, so we transferred the name onto the new picture, naming it “The dark side of piano practise”.


The dark side of piano practise, by Wolfgang Lonien.

Notice the shadow of my left hand? It’s shaped like a dog, with the head on the keys and the body and tail at the front. But honestly, I didn’t do that on purpose. I was too busy playing Bluestone Alley by Congfei Wei.

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Today I decided to write a little about my favorite book series, since reading is my favorite pastime. It’s called “Warriors” (English version) or as I read it, “Warrior Cats” (German version). It consists of five complete season, each including six books, and the sixth season is already in progress. I read the German version of the series but I also like the original in English, as I have no problem with both languages.
The books are written by Erin Hunter, who is actually three or more people, the authors of book series like Suvivor Dogs or Seekers.
What I like about these books is that they are about cats, who live in the woods and form four clans. The first season is about a kittypet named Rusty, who leaves his humans to become a wild cat and live in freedom. He has to prove himself a lot because he wasn’t born in the wild. Later, the stories expand and more characters, places and challenges appear in the books.
Currently, I am at the fourth book of the third season, so I will borrow the next one tomorrow. The school library only has season one, two and three, so I hope I get the following books for my birthday this month so I can continue reading.


Warrior Cats, fourth book of the second season, German (left) and English (right). Source : Warrior Cats website

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A grand day out

Yesterday was a really great day. It started with another cycle trip to Gundwiesensee with Mommy. The group of three and of four Canadian goslings incl. parents and the Nile geese incl. their children were all gathered on one space. We took really great photos and the Nile goslings (actually not goslings anymore) ate oatmeal from my hand!

Zuleikha's shots

A few shots by me. I took a few more videos so my pictures come short. Click on the picture and you’ll come to the album.

Then Papa, Mommy and I drove with car to a motorcycle dealer in Nauheim and looked at motorcycles and equipment. Great too.
Then we went shopping at the nearest Aldi.
And then we drove to a friend of ours, I refer to her as “G”, remember? Anyway, we talked, looked at photos of her last holiday in Uzbekistan and asked her then, if she could take care of Tuna for three weeks. Why? Oh, oops, I think I forgot to tell you that we’re going to fly to Malaysia for three weeks in the holidays. I can’t wait to see the family again and to fly in an airplane again. But as we hadn’t decided what to do with Tuna, we asked G if she could do the job, since she is an experienced cat owner (or was, as her cat Racoon died on February 29th, which I also forgot to tell you), but she couldn’t.
Then, as we just came out of the building, Papa asked if we would like to come to a motorcycle equipment store called Polo in Kriftel, and we said yes. So we got in the car again and drove there. It was really cool, it looked bigger from inside than from outside. And then (this is the great thing) I spotted a little red room at the back of the store and asked Papa what that was. It was the Windkanal, where you sit on a motorcycle and control a fan which blows wind, so you can test if the heĺmet you chose was good. I asked if I could go in there, then Papa asked the store assistant and said it was OK. So we chose a pretty black and white helmet with violet flowers and I got to go in. It was REALLY COOL and was so much fun, and the helmet was perfect!

Here a few photos Papa took from outside :

for Zuleikha's blog

At the bottom of the page you’ll see me and also how many kilometers per hour the wind blew.

Well, after that, when we went out of the store, we saw Fressnapf, a pet shop, right opposite of Polo. We went in and looked for a transportation basket for Tuna, as we thought of bringing her to a cat hotel while we are on holiday. With the really kind assistant’s help we found the right one and got a few tips from her. Another really great thing.
At home, Mommy made hamburgers for dinner. And I got to stay up late. So that was the end of one of the best common days of my life.

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