Whew!  Mommy saved my babybook – a scrapbook of me when I was a little girl.
It was my first blog ever and Mommy wrote the posts because I was to little to write myself. She did a very good job though, so it seems like I wrote it by myself. It “died” and was lost, but now my parents got it running again. At the moment, Mommy is re-inserting all the photos of me. So cute!

Anyway, here’s the link : Zuleikha’s babybook

And here I have listed my favourites which are really funny 😀 :

Wild wild Zuleikha
23rd July 2006
17th June 2006
12th April 2006
24-27th Feb. 2006

If you want more, just browse a bit and explore. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Thanks for reading. 9.12.2015 16:40

P.S. Please drop a line in the guestbook if it isn’t to dear. Thanks.

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