Another school year…

Another school year…

School has started last Monday, and the first week of my usual life has been pretty good so far.

Sometimes Mommy stays at Pha‘s (Nikoleta’s mom’s) place to help her with stuff or just to chat. In that case, when I get on the bus after school and call her, she tells me to get out one bus stop earlier and go to Nikoleta’s. Though Nikoleta is still in school, I enjoy staying there with Mommy and Pha. Well, this week I got to go there twice : On Monday, where Pha doesn’t have to work in the Thai Massage, and on Wednesday. Mommy helped her sew a hole in the mattress cover. Pha will open up her own Thai Massage in the guest room of her house.

Another nice thing : In my school’s brass orchestra (belongs to the subject music) we are now playing Star Wars. And I got my grade in this term : 1 (for all you who don’t live in Germany – it’s the best possible grade).

I also got my grades in Maths, Biology, History and English. To make it short and simple : 1, 1, 1 and 1.

This week, completely no German and Geography. OK, Geography is only once a week, but German is thrice. And on Thursday, we had 5 out of 6 lessons with a substitute – and we could always do what we wanted (quietly, of course, though of course the boys weren’t able to) because there weren’t any tasks (except for Maths on Wednesday, but Mrs. Lang wasn’t ill). In Sport, we got our Biology teacher, Mr. Blümel.

In English, last two lessons on Wednesday, we held a fashion show. Each group chose a topic, and my group chose Spring outfits. I was one of the models, Jolina the other.

And my ballet and piano lessons on Tuesday were very nice. My ballet teacher praised me a lot, and so did my piano teacher. And my piano teacher was especially proud because I tried two new songs in the holidays and they are very good already.

Yesterday I thought I still had to do my Ethics and History homework, but it turned out I finished them already, so I spent the rest of the day colouring, reading, helping Mommy with crocheting granny squares for her afghan and having fun in general.

Just now we returned from Pha’s. She and Dimi (her husband) invited us to their place this afternoon for coffee and cake, because it is Pha’s first day of work. Nikoleta wasn’t there, though, because she was at a birthday party and won’t return until tomorrow because she will stay overnight. But I still had fun because I read, played and watched a movie. Dinner was yummy Pizza. 🙂

This night a nice show that Mommy will record is coming on TV.

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