Last Monday Mommy, Papa and I went to Mainz.
We wanted to watch Zootopia (Zoomania in Germany).

Zoomania is about a rabbit named Judy Hopps, whose childhood dream is to work in Zootopia as a policewoman. Her Boss underestimates her, leaving her the parking duty. Then one day, an otter mysteriously disappears. Judy has only 48 hours to find. She persuades Nick Wilde, a small-time criminal fox, to help her crack the case.

Here you can see the trailer.

The movie is meant for children, but a few things may be difficult to understand for the little ones. But I think it is also very funny.
The cinema in Walldorf is nothing against the cinema in Mainz. The cinema in Mainz is very big and has 10 very big movie rooms. Ours has only 1. Each room has a lot of seats. We were lucky. Zootopia ran in the 8th room, and it was almost empty (except for 2-3 families) since everyone else wanted to watch the 3D movie, which ran in another room.

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