Today I decided to write a little about my favorite book series, since reading is my favorite pastime. It’s called “Warriors” (English version) or as I read it, “Warrior Cats” (German version). It consists of five complete season, each including six books, and the sixth season is already in progress. I read the German version of the series but I also like the original in English, as I have no problem with both languages.
The books are written by Erin Hunter, who is actually three or more people, the authors of book series like Suvivor Dogs or Seekers.
What I like about these books is that they are about cats, who live in the woods and form four clans. The first season is about a kittypet named Rusty, who leaves his humans to become a wild cat and live in freedom. He has to prove himself a lot because he wasn’t born in the wild. Later, the stories expand and more characters, places and challenges appear in the books.
Currently, I am at the fourth book of the third season, so I will borrow the next one tomorrow. The school library only has season one, two and three, so I hope I get the following books for my birthday this month so I can continue reading.


Warrior Cats, fourth book of the second season, German (left) and English (right). Source : Warrior Cats website

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the books ;-). 07.12.2016 19:45


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