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Happy birthday to you!!!

Today is Mommy’s birthday! Today, 5th February 2016, Mommy has her birthday – Hooray! ❤??????????????????????✨? Dear Mommy, I wish you a very happy birthday and happiness, health and good luck for the future. I love you so much! Thank you for reading. 05.02.2016 16:35 Update on 07.02.2016 19:21 : I also got Mommy some pretty flowers. Bellflower campanula. ?

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My birthday party 2015

Yesterday I had a birthday party at the bowling center in Raunheim, which is going to move out tomorrow. I invited 10 children, but one of my friends was on vacation in Marokko, so she couldn’t come because she wouldn’t arrive at home until midnight. But the other guests arrived. We ate a homemade rainbow cake and spent two hours with bowling. We played in two teams which we altered at the second game. The top score was 105 points, closely followed by  101 points. In the second game, the lead was 97 points but was beaten in the last…

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays! ?

I know, it’s late. Christmas was two days ago and it’s the 28th already. But I still want to wish you a merry Christmas because I didn’t have time when we were in Cologne. It was fun on the 26th when the relatives came. My cousin Sven brought his girlfriend Sophia with him (Just so you know, he is a big teenager. All my german cousins are. I’m the youngest of the Germans.) and everyone was nice. Cousin Luna brought her Christmas present, this : Papa took the picture. Unfortunately there are two hairs in the way. All you Star…

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