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Cookie time

Today Mommy and I decorated our cookies, which we baked yesterday. Thanks for reading. 24.12.2016 17:43

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Some xkcd comics

Here are a few of my favorite xkcd comics. By the way, you are allowed to hotlink any of the comics. Link to the website Birdsong Kites Henge ? Ducklings Book burning Thanks for reading. 02.02.2016 20:15

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❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ Today it finally snowed. I was waiting the whole winter for this. Although it wasn’t very thick, only about a few millimeters 🙁 , and it didn’t stay on the asphalt, I was overjoyed. I dressed in a flash and practically dragged Mommy out of the house at noon. We completed three big snowballs and set them on our garden wall so nobody would steal or destroy them, I threw a few snowballs at some walls, which left marvelous spots, and then we went back in. Back home, we rushed into the garden and transformed those snowballs into… :…

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