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Goofing around

Today Papa and I took a few photos; I grabbed Mommy’s E-PL 5 and we took photos of each other at the same time, then I photographed Papa, Mommy (‘s hand), the laptop I am typing at and a cross-stitch picture of a kitten. But the “Photo of the day” is this : Goofing around with Papa and my drawings, taken by me. Thank you for reading. 19.03.2016 14:00 Update from 15:47 :

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My birthday party 2015

Yesterday I had a birthday party at the bowling center in Raunheim, which is going to move out tomorrow. I invited 10 children, but one of my friends was on vacation in Marokko, so she couldn’t come because she wouldn’t arrive at home until midnight. But the other guests arrived. We ate a homemade rainbow cake and spent two hours with bowling. We played in two teams which we altered at the second game. The top score was 105 points, closely followed by  101 points. In the second game, the lead was 97 points but was beaten in the last…

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A trip to the cinema

Today Mommy and I walked to the cinema Lichtblick in our town and watched the movie Inside Out. In case you might be wondering that this is a little late, the cinema in Walldorf is extremely late. In Germany it was due on October 1st, but, as you can see, it is December 13th already.(I’m wondering how late The Peanuts movie (23rd December) is going to be). Inside Out is about a girl named Riley, who moved from Minnesota to San Francisco. There are five emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. Then Joy and Sadness get lost in the long-term memory and…

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