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A grand day out

Yesterday was a really great day. It started with another cycle trip to Gundwiesensee with Mommy. The group of three and of four Canadian goslings incl. parents and the Nile geese incl. their children were all gathered on one space. We took really great photos and the Nile goslings (actually not goslings anymore) ate oatmeal from my hand! A few shots by me. I took a few more videos so my pictures come short. Click on the picture and you’ll come to the album. Then Papa, Mommy and I drove with car to a motorcycle dealer in Nauheim and looked…

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Mommy and I have taken a few tours to a lake in the nature park “Mönchbruch” some time ago, the latest one was on Friday with Nikoleta. The lake is called “Gundwiesensee” and it’s really great. There are fish, turtles, frogs, geese, ducks and nutria in the lake, and around it even fallow deer and lizards. Now lately, the geese have laid eggs and their goslings have hatched and are swimming in lines on the lake. And trust me, when you scroll down to see their pictures, you will be so charmed… Goslings. ?? Guarding (and fearless) parents. There are…

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A trip to Darmstadt

Last Friday Mommy, Papa and I went to Darmstadt. We walked around a bit, visited a photo shop and a big bookstore ? and viewed the city. Darmstadt is packed with beautiful buildings, such as Universities, the Theater, the Castle Museum and the Jugendstilbad, an indoor (luxury) swimming pool. On the way through town, we saw a statue of the grand Duke Ludwig IV. and… : “Bow down to your new ruler, slaves!” “I sure hope the horse won’t start walking…” Thank you for reading. 10.04.2016 19:02 P.S.: I was sad because I lost my black cat key chain. ?

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