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Today I decided to write a little about my favorite book series, since reading is my favorite pastime. It’s called “Warriors” (English version) or as I read it, “Warrior Cats” (German version). It consists of five complete season, each including six books, and the sixth season is already in progress. I read the German version of the series but I also like the original in English, as I have no problem with both languages. The books are written by Erin Hunter, who is actually three or more people, the authors of book series like Suvivor Dogs or Seekers. What I like about these…

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Sunday with Tuna

Yesterday we (that’s Papa, Mommy and me) went out for a Sunday walk. Just around the blocks, around in the little “Wohnpark” (“Living-park”) we live in. Tuna also went out, and we searched a while for her, since she often joins us  as far as her territory. When we were about to go back into our apartment, Tuna did meet us. There were a lot of “Hi”s and “How cute!”s and smooching going around. By the way, if you want to know how Tuna smooches, this is the position she always ends up with : “Ohhh, how cute!” ???? Thank…

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Hanna Tuna Luna Lonien

I’m just in the mood of writing another post, so, why not give a bit more information on the cutest (and only) cat in the Lonien household? ?? Hanna Tuna Luna Lonien Nicknames : Tuna, Kitcat, Bucuk (malay for favourite) Hobbies : Sleeping, Eating, Playing (roughly, leaving bite and scratch marks on people and things), Tearing around the room, Sitting on my homework, Talking to birds A Member of the Lonien family since : 2010 A few Photos of her : Thank you for reading. 02.03.2016 20:11

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