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Hello, I am Hanna Zuleikha. Call me Zuleikha.

My birthday is on the 27.12.2004. I was born in Bremen, Germany. I live in Walldorf, Germany.

My favorite animals are cats. I have a cat named Tuna. She came to us in 2010.

My favorite color is Aqua. After that Sapphire blue, light purple and white.

My best friend is called Nikoleta. She’s half Thai, half Greek. I’m half German, half Malay, by the way

I am going to class 7c in my middle school. It’s called Prälat-Diehl-Schule.

My class teacher is Mr. Ruppersberg. I have 28 other classmates.

My favorite things are cats, gems, books, and music.

I play the piano, the french horn, and the recorder.

My favorite food is chicken soup (Malay style), onigiri and karipap (Malay samosa filled with curry, potatoes, and meat).

My father has a blog too.

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