Another drawing

Last night I finished another drawing that I now use as a profile picture. It mainly served as a practise piece to try out colouring and shading (it turned out to be quite similar to scratch art, now that I think about it), trying to draw a hoodie, background design along with some other stuff. I ended up liking it a lot more than my old profile, which I had been using for quite some time already anyways, so it made it up here as well.

I’m quite fond of how it turned out, to be honest. I don’t draw nearly as much as I should to be actually good at it, but it’s nice to make something every once in a while and get to know my drawing program better.

In case you’re wondering about the hoodie design: The image of a rising/setting sun above some mountains is a basic idea I came up with, but I like how it turned out, especially with the colours of the background. I was at a loss regarding which text I wanted to add below the image, so I just chose something that matched the design and part of me as well. The text is in Japanese, 「ゆうぐれからよあけまでいきる。」or「夕暮れから夜明けまで生きる。」in proper spelling (since I couldn’t write the kanji accurately enough with a two pixel wide pen). This phrase means “I live from dusk to dawn”, and, in a way, is kind of fitting if you’re basically nocturnal and feel more motivated at late hours. Also, is it my fault that dusk and dawn sound poetic in both languages?

Please don’t use my art, or any of my creations, without my consent.

Thanks for reading. 29th June 2020, 22:21

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